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Wooden Montessori Multiplication Board Game

Wooden Montessori Multiplication Board Game

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🧮 INTERACTIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Dive into an interactive learning experience with our Multiplication Board, designed to actively engage children in hands-on multiplication practice. Fostering concentration, patience, and logical thinking skills, this board transforms learning into an immersive adventure.

🎲 EXCITING GAMEPLAY OPTIONS: Explore a world of exciting gameplay options with the included 1-10 dice. The multiplication board offers various games and activities that make learning multiplication a joyful and entertaining process for children.

💯 ABUNDANT LEARNING MATERIALS: Immerse your child in a wealth of learning resources with our comprehensive set, featuring 100 multiplication cards and 10 multiplication blocks. These materials provide ample opportunities for children to practice and reinforce their multiplication math concepts.

🤯 FOSTER CRITICAL THINKING: Stimulate independent problem-solving with our Multiplication Math Board Game. This engaging game encourages critical thinking, nurturing children's problem-solving abilities while making multiplication an enjoyable and rewarding experience. 🧠🔍

1-10 Dice x 2
Small Doll x 4
Multiplication Board x 1
Multiplication Paper x 1
Multiplication Sheet x 10
Multiplication Card x 100
Multiplication Block x 100
Suitable Age: >3 Years+
Dimension: L 245 x W 235 x H 45 MM
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