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Velcro Calendar Poster

Velcro Calendar Poster

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📆 MY LITTLE CALENDAR KITS: This kids' calendar board measuring 39 x 29 cm is a comprehensive learning tool, displaying the day of the week, date, month, year, weather, festivals, seasons, dress me, emotions, and activities. It comes with 123 reusable patches, empowering kids to design their daily calendar.

🎓 PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM ESSENTIAL: The Kids Calendar Pocket Chart is a delightful way for preschoolers to grasp the daily calendar, covering days of the week, months and years, seasons and weather, moods, and activities. It enhances fine motor skills and encourages creativity during circle time in the learning center.

🌈 CONSISTENT, EFFECTIVE TEACHING AID: The Circle Time Learning Center serves as a sensory teaching aid for early learning, helping kids develop a sense of control and responsibility. By allowing them to post the day of the week, date, weather, and special activities, it becomes an essential part of a teacher's daily teaching routine.

🎁 EDUCATIONAL GIFTS FOR TODDLERS: The Daily Magnetic Calendar makes for a wonderful gift for preschool teaching, homeschooling, birthdays, and Christmas. It creates a learning-through-play experience, serving as an educational tool for early learning supplies. 🎉🎈🎂

Suitable Age: >3 Years+
Dimension: L 375 x W 535x H 5 MM

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