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Montessori Matching Puzzles - Animals

Montessori Matching Puzzles - Animals

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🧩 JIGSAW PUZZLES FOR KIDS:  Make learning a fun and enjoyable moment with your children at home by solving this Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids Educational Toy. It is a great help to your kids in identifying puzzle pieces that match each other. You can make this as a gift for your friends or family who have a baby that loves fun. 🎁

🎈 HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING:  Children are born to play and enjoy while they are young. They want to spend the entire day playing and not be too interested in learning new things. When you teach them, they quickly get bored and distracted by their surroundings. Why not use a teaching method where they will enjoy listening to you while having fun? Through that, you don’t need to exert too much effort for your kids to listen to you. 🎓

🤹‍♂️ This jigsaw puzzle is a fun way to play for your kids. Not just a puzzle, but it also helps your children learn. It also makes an excellent bond between you and your kids while solving the jigsaw puzzle. You can also use this to kill time and boredom in your kids' daily routine. It is indeed a useful toy that you can give to your children.

🌿 KEEP ATTENTION AND FOCUS: The first thing you need to have when you want to attract your baby’s attention is exciting stuff. Things that have bright colors mesmerize their eyes, and that’s an excellent way for them to listen to you. This jigsaw puzzle consists of large chunky pieces that are perfect for kids. The colorful images on each piece are easy to match with their corresponding partner. It helps children boost their identifying skills by solving this jigsaw puzzle. Made from eco-friendly wood that is safe for children to use.

🦒Animals Puzzle: 24 patterns🐵

Material: High Quality Robin board
Suitable Age: >3 Year
Dimension: L 190 x W 190 x H 40 MM

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