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Dig & Discover Dinosaur Eggs (12 Boxes/Set)

Dig & Discover Dinosaur Eggs (12 Boxes/Set)

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🧩 EXPLORE 12 DINOSAUR FIGURES: Uncover the excitement with a set of 12 dinosaurs, including Parasaurolophus, T-Rex, and Triceratops—an ideal addition to party goodie bags for dino enthusiasts.

🌿 ECO-FRIENDLY FUN: Crafted from environmentally friendly plaster, the Dinosaur Egg Dig and Discover ensures a safe and positive impact on both kids and the environment.

🦖 DIVERSE DESIGNS: Immerse kids in a world of varied dinosaur species with 12 unique designs. Perfect for creating a thrilling collection for young paleontologists.

🌈 HANDS-ON LEARNING: Foster interactive learning experiences that encourage kids to dive into paleontology and explore the wonders of the prehistoric world, sparking curiosity and creativity.

🎁 PERFECT SURPRISE: The Dinosaur Egg Dig and Discover is an exceptional and thrilling gift, perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. Unwrap the joy of discovery! 🦕🥚✨

Suitable Age: >3 Years+
Dimension: L 70 x W 60 x H 60 MM (Individual Boxes)
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