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4A Size Magic Groove Copy Book (4 Books/Set)

4A Size Magic Groove Copy Book (4 Books/Set)

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Embark on a learning adventure with our guided copybooks, where kids effortlessly master the art of writing numbers, letters of the alphabet, and even unleash their creativity through drawing.

Specifically designed for preschoolers, the size of these kindergarten school supplies ensures a perfect fit for little hands, making the educational journey comfortable and enjoyable.

🌈 MAGICAL REUSABLE FUNCTION: Experience the enchantment of our Magic Ink with its unique reusable feature. The special magic pen allows text and images to fade and disappear, providing endless opportunities for repeated practice. Extracted from plants, the ink refill is safe for children, adding a touch of eco-friendliness to the magic. ✨🌿

📝 LEARNING MADE EASY: Engage in interactive learning activities with our magic pencils, guiding kids to trace paths and draw shapes. This not only enhances motor skills but also boosts reading and writing comprehension. Our handwriting practice copybooks offer a variety of fonts to perfect penmanship and sharpen writing skills, making learning a joyful experience. 

✒️ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our aid pen grip ensures comfortable writing for extended periods, correcting writing posture and enhancing the beauty of English fonts. Boosting a child's self-confidence, it's an effective tool for cultivating good writing habits. 

🌟 DURABLE & SAFE: Crafted with thick, stain-resistant paper, our magic writing paste features a three-dimensional groove design and standard writing format. The groove width is tailored for children aged 3-6 years, promoting a comfortable learning experience. The pen holder and aid pencil grip, made of silica gel, prioritize safety, ensuring 100% kid-friendly materials. 

4 pieces of A4 sized magic practice copybook (Math, Alphabet, Numbers, and Drawing)
2 pieces pen holder
10 pieces magic pen refills
2 pieces cute soft aid pen grip.

Suitable Age: >3 Years+

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